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Haus Mein Gott is a project meant to provide a cluster of media, both cultural, erotic, notional and even pornographic one, revolving around real BDSM and Leather Culture. Our mission is to stay real and to offer the best content possible. However, we are not a company; at the moment, the whole site is maintained, designed and paid by LeatherBigWolf. The costs for private video hosting, web hosting, media production, travels (and so on) are heavy on the pocket. Therefor, any kind of support is not only appreciated, but truly needed. Why though supporting a site without getting something concrete out of it? That's why we started filming real BDSM sessions in the household and around the world, to deliver something that's really missing at the moment online:

Real BDSM pornography; no actors, men only.


We film real sessions with state-of-the-art technologies and deliver high quality pornography;

Not patinated fake stuff. We bring you into the action.


Spiritual and Ritual Sex. Some stuff might be considered Taboo. Be adult and know what you're dealing with.


Variable discounts on all the services offered by Haus Mein Gott, both on photoshoots and such, and also on the Shop's catalogue.


Didn't find your favorite kind of content yet? Just ask for it. As a member, you have the right to see what you like. Send a request, and we will shoot what you love to see.


Get what You want

We are currently offering three levels of membership: Guest, Brother, Fan.

HAUS GUEST: You'll get to see all the Film content and have access to all the rest of the site. However, you will not be able to see the extreme and taboo videos.

ONLYFANS: This is a specific membership level for those of you coming from, platform I've been using until the video hosting part of the site was not ready. You will retain for the first 5 months the same fee you were paying on onlyfans.

HAUS BROTHERS: Take it all. Have it all. Full access to the whole site, AND 5% discount on all the shop catalogue and on the shooting services.

Level Price  
HAUS GUEST €14.00 now and then €7.00 per Month. Select
HAUS BROTHERS €14.00 now and then €9.99 per Month. Select