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Project Description

I remember Rob very well. He approached me saying that he wanted to do a fetish photoshoot, but when I was trying to fix the appointment to discuss it, he didn’t really know what to tell me about his fetish and sexuality. I saw in him a huge potential locked into a very insecure stream of emotions. He didn’t like his own body and didn’t think he could look attractive. I said that everything about a man’s sexuality is attractive; the only unattractive thing is people who hide away and are empty shells.

After lots of talking and some trying on different things, his personality started to come out. Just like a child that mixes up different toys in the absolute freedom of discovery, he mixed up femme gear with heavy duty gasmasks in rubber and leather harness.

Yes, to the Old Guard and experienced fetish men that can sound like blasphemy. But it wasn’t. It was the beautiful leap into discovery of a newcomer to the scene, who was at the end of the shooting leaving the Haus with a big relaxed smile on his face. And by the way, his ass in fishnet stockings was steamy hot!

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