As life never goes exactly the way you’ve planned, unfortunately the relationships in this chapter are not continued. The person I call here SIR NIKE/DAD decided to uncall his duty when he moved to another boy. The person I called BOSS has decided to abandon me as well. I think I’ve not been very lucky with these people, and I wanted to remove these posts as it feels very humiliating to have them on, and I don’t want to appear as I’m still having a relationship with these people. But no, I won’t have the damage also of removing from my memories these very important moments in my life. So here they are. As the submission that I’ve given and my intents were real and honest.

Of Wolves, Dragons and Men // PART TWO

A cold Winter in Berlin

It was a cold winter, the one we lived in 2017/2018.

A cold winter made of many events, mistakes, conquers, disappointments. I am living so much, and so little at the same time in this period, and I am somewhat grateful for it. Change is always about growth. In life you conquer and you lose, you have something one moment, you don’t have it the next one. We should rejoice of those moment we can treasure, as they might leave sooner than expected.

I have landed in Berlin Schönefeld airport friday night, during a strong snowstorm. I got my bus towards Wittenbergplatz, stressing on the watch to be sure to arrive in time. Sven slave have told me that him, SIR Nike and HIS new slave, Ian (which I have never met before), would have been waiting for me around 8 PM. Of course my cheap Ryanair flight was late as usual, so there was no way I could get there in time. Plus, on the plane I have met Mateji, a slovenian sub that really would like to be trained by me. It was though a very difficult time in my life, and as I explained to him during the whole bus trip (going in the same direction), I was not open at all to new subs. I have just been destroyed by the last “sub” I have owned, and got rid of him difficultly and with lots of backfire to my direction from one of the most abusive people I had known, and who’s stayed undercover by my side for almost 3 years, silently draining everything out of me.

I dropped down quickly in Wittembergplatz, rushing towards the BDSM Apartment in Fuggerstraße. I got in that moment a text from SIR NIKE, who told me they were having dinner in a nearby restaurant. “FUCK I have also missed dinner”, I thought while speeding up. My last meal has been the poor breakfast I had that morning, I was hungry as hungry a Wolf can be, but I didn’t want to be a nuisance to SIR. I saw HIM smoking a cigarette in the middle of the street, and I waved at HIM while pulling my gear filled trolley. “Welcome, boyboy” HE told me, hugging me tight; the warmth of HIS bomber jacket, the smell of HIS Marlboro red, the smell of my SIR, and kind words to my ears. I was in heaven again.

I was invited to have something to eat but they were all finishing what they had on their dishes, and I knew SIR was thrilled to enjoy the nights in Berlin with HIS two slaves and HIS Alpha. So I lied and said I was ok (white lie, sorry SIR). Eventually SIR NIKE didn’t want to finish his meal, and I feasted on the scraps. That was hot. Also Ian slave have offered his remaining meal, and I knew he wanted to be nice, but of course my answer was “I’m not going to eat your leftovers, slave, sorry”. Ian slave lowered his head low and apologized, showing immediate good behavior and conquering my respect and consideration.

We went upstairs to the BDSM Apartment, and I loved it. I have never been in that one, and I have to say it was worth the price. A large Bedroom, an awesome side cage, a tiny kitchen, a good bathroom and a wonderful playroom with all sorts of gear. Yes, ok, tight in space to be able to wolf around, but still very nice. SIR, while sipping HIS beer sitting on a big chair said “So, boys. We are all going to head to New Action in a short while, so I suggest that you gear up and we kind of start going…”.

I started to take my stuff out to decide what to wear that night. SIR’s eyes were still resting on me, so I stared back with an interrogative look on my face.

“We also have a meeting scheduled with BOSS there.” SIR smiled.

Chills went down to my bones, my heart started racing, and I got turned on like a firework on the inside. There was something really big scheduled for that weekend in Berlin, and BOSS was part of it. A ritual of passage, a very rare experience nowadays, and one of the dreams of a lifetime to me. And it was about to be made real.

Do you want to get a Prince Albert, Lupus?

Back in Berlin, during CSD parade day, I have met BOSS for the first time, under direct orders of SIR NIKE. Our first meeting has been described and narrated in the first chapter. One of the things I didn’t mention, yet, about the time spent in Quälgeist in September with BOSS, is that while HIM was burning my dick head with his lit amber from the cigarette HE was smoking, he noticed how I was not scared at all by it. Most people pull back when the amber is going to touch their nipples, not to mention their dicks; W/we have talked a bit about it, and I explained that, putting aside my attraction to fire play, the fact that HE was leaving scars on my skin was for me a great honor, especially on my dick; bringing the Marks of my Mentors on my weapon, makes me feel an even stronger warrior and Beast. Is like if in the moment of letting them wound my most delicate part of the body, the one that gives me pleasure and that imposes my Domination onto others, a part of THEM gets transferred on a part of my body, for good. So I’ve mentioned body piercing, and BOSS grinned under HIS mustache. I perked my head and looked into HIS eyes, as he lifted HIS horn shaped eyebrows to stare back into me.

“Do you want to get a Prince Albert, Lupus?”

“yes BOSS”

“Hm.. I can do it, if you want”

That could not be true. To be pierced by one of my Mentors, in our Gear, during a significant Ritual among Men, instead of doing it with a stranger in a clinic? Do these things happen?

“well, with my SIR’s approval and consent…” I stuttered “… it would be a true honor for me BOSS. Even the fact that YOU mention the possibility is a true honor for me. Thank YOU BOSS.” said while he pushed his hand onto my head, getting me to my knees, and feeding me HIS piss.

Friday Night

That night we headed to New Action and I was so happy to be with my DAD strolling around O/our favorite bars as a pack. DAD, Alpha/Wolf, sven slave, ian slave. A family.

We walked into New Action and it was pretty busy for being an off season night; we started having our beers, and it was very convenient to have the two slaves there. I could enjoy my Alpha time while still being submissive and of service to my DAD, but mostly I was also assisted and serviced by the two slaves. Ian was making a very good impression, but he also seemed a bit too much detached. I was being very welcoming and kind to him, and I couldn’t tell if he was just very shy or was about to break down.

After some smokes, lots of Boots licking, during some welcome paddling from my DAD in the middle of the smoking room, BOSS arrived. I was on the floor licking SIR’s Boots when HE stopped paddling my ass and told me to get up. I turned around, and BOSS was just behind me. I tried to gasp something but I wanted to say too many things at the same time. I wanted to thanks my DAD to let me greet BOSS even if that interrupted HIS fun on me; I wanted to smile big but didn’t want to be disrespectful; I wanted to jump up and hug BOSS tight, but that would have broken Etiquette; I wanted to salute BOSS properly but I was giving the back to my SIR. Luckily this moment of panic lasted half a second, as BOSS pulled my head towards HIS and we kissed a deep, slow, intense kiss. His hands caressed my chest, probably appreciating the extra work in the gym since 4 months earlier. HE gently pulled my nipples while kissing. I couldn’t keep my dick down. I finally was with DAD and BOSS in the same place, between them. The night was very good, we spent it nicely there in New Action, and me and the slaves helped BOSS by moving by hand HIS car to a better parking place; the car had broken down and I was very happy to be of help. We decided to meet the next day around 3 PM for the “procedure”.

That night SIR wanted me to wear the stuff that turned HIM so, which was stockings, panties, garter belt, and bra. To me crossdressing has never been a taboo, on others; on me, I have never tried it before meeting SIR (who put it on me as a first thing when I stepped in HIS playroom in early 2017). It has never been an issue to wear female stuff for HIM and playing that part; I loved how turned on HE was by it, and as a consequence, I was too. Though it have never been an identity thing for me; I identify as Wolf, and to be in crossdressing gear in front of the other slaves, well… it felt humiliating for me. Which of course is also part of the game, and of SIR’s fun to some degrees. Being degraded while you have an Alpha position is a powerful thing. As usual I didn’t complain, I dressed up, and got to suck HIS dick and get fucked by HIM that night. I didn’t sleep one hour. The morning after I went to wake the slaves up, but I couldn’t do it comfortably in the fem gear. I think that one of the reasons is that it was a very important day for me, my identity as a Male, and also for my physical Manhood; I wanted to enjoy a bit of my Alpha time, so I stripped from those clothes, and I went to wake up Ian slave, having him prepare coffees and some breakfast.

The Quälgeist

Saturday night we all went to Quälgeist upon Boss’ kind invitation, as it was the member’s Christmas dinner before the last night (Sunday) at Meringdamm location. I was excited but also a bit sad as the unforgettable memories that were made in that place are so important to me, that seeing that location go was quite heartbreaking I must say; but I bet it was the same feelings for all the club’s elder members, who have spent even more time (and energy) as volunteers and beings inside there. SIR NIKE and BOSS bonded well over the time and I was very happy to feel a pleasant and relaxed environment. The slaves were assisting a lot and being used thoroughly.

I was offered to taste BOSS’ famous carrot soup; I tried to steer towards the “not eating” kind of approach, as I didn’t want to explode during any possible play scenario happening later, but BOSS insisted and I didn’t want to be rude, so I took the soup. I am smiling right now because we all know I couldn’t say anything else than that the soup was very tasty and good, but it actually really was. After a few drinks and several smokes, chat and being fed additional food (Gulasch Soup), BOSS ordered me to go to the back of the kitchen and change into a red leather skirt, the same one I wore during the First Chapter of this series of (real) stories. HE wanted me to wear it so SIR could enjoy the show, since HE commented in the email report that HE would have loved to see me naked in a red skirt inside Quälgeist. I obeyed, and brought BOSS’ bag as ordered to the Saint Andrew Cross’s area; I had the honor of being assigned to choose three whips of my liking, while HE would have chosen HIS. I accurately steered away from the rubber flogger (which of course HE chose), and choose the Dragon Quirt and two snake whips.

I leaned onto the Saint Andrew Cross and SIR NIKE stepped in to tie lock my hands to it. I felt the pressure raising in a pleasant way. This time I could do the same thing I already did once, but with my SIR and HIS slaves present. I missed my pack so much during those important moments the first time in Quälgeist, and I was very happy that this time I could have made HIM proud in the flesh… literally.

SIR leaned on me and whispered to my ears “Rage. Rage against the dying of the light”.

And by quoting Dylan Thomas, he actually invoked right the exact entity that have been growing inside of me and taking place of everything else in those months, and in the following: Rage.

BOSS started HIS work on my back, and as usual after the first five or six hits, my body started to adapt to the pain, to lean towards it, to crave it more and more. BOSS took me off from the Saint Andrew Cross after having whipped my back and front for a short while. We hugged, and HE asked me I would have liked to do some Wrapping. I was enthusiastic of the idea of repeating it like last time. He asked:

“Just say a number”

“68” I answered.

I stepped back staring deep in BOSS’ eyes, lifting my arms on the top of my head, and I started to count in Italian. It was total, utter unspeakable pure pleasure. When I take Whip Wrapping is really like I am totally in the presence of my body in its whole, but at the same time I ma higher than it, I am invincible, I am burning with power, strength, pride, love. I wanted for it to never stop, and in a way it never did.

Sven slave knew BOSS since before I met HIM, and he have served HIM already in the past. BOSS wanted to give some attention to sven and ian too, but it seemed like sven was a bit worried about it, and ian even more. We have discovered then that ian slave didn’t have a good time with some whipping exeperience in the past, and that the whipping itself recalled some traumatic memories to him. I have encouraged together with sven ian to face his fears and to trust us as a pack. SIR NIKE, his Owner, was there present looking everything; me as an Alpha of the pack would have been there for after care and support. I invited him to be open to change, and to try something different out of his comfort zone.

Both ian slave and sven slave were flogged and whipped by BOSS, and both were very happy afterwards. We all took the occasion to take a picture of our conquers, because scars are prizes. It takes balls in your sack to trust another Man so much and to Respect Him so deeply to let him rip away your skin. It’s not something everybody is capable of. We were all Brothers, and we were all winners.

The Day BOSS made a new hole in my body

Sunday’s morning went quite slowly and in a lazy way; we only went out to buy cigarettes, and it was still snowing lightly. Around 1 PM we ordered a take away pizza from “Da Lucia” Restaurant in FüggerStraße, and went upstairs again in the Apartment to prepare for what was about to happen.

BOSS arrived with HIS motorbike at the scheduled time. I kept my cool, but inside I was on a rollercoaster. Extremely happy as I was, I was also hearing my husband’s and best friend’s voices repeating me like they did in the past months “don’t do it, it’s dangerous, are you crazy” and so on. Still today, I think that some people for how much you might love them and them love you back, won’t understand the meaning that this Ritual had for me, the importance and highness of it; to most, a piercing is just a piercing. To me, it meant having a new hole in my body, which was created by two men who were the only permanent Owners of it; BOSS and SIR NIKE. Can you realize what it means to a leatherman, especially to an Alpha? To have a new hole in your body, and it is made by your Mentors?

We had a drink and some chats, but the tension was in the air. Sven slave prepared the Gyno Chair in the Playroom disinfecting it thoroughly, while Ian was kind of going to pass out. They both thought I was being very brave (and/or very crazy), but to me really it was a gift. At the time, I believed in those two people with more than my heart and soul. I was not afraid at all; for better saying, I was tense and scared and in anxiety, but the quality of those feelings was like the same you have when you’re being placed on the Saint Andrew Cross and you’re waiting for the whipping to begin. After that, it’s all good. The moments before, scary as fuck.

Music was playing in the apartment, resonating all around from the kitchen, where the SoundBox was playing Oscar and the Wolf (how appropriate) Entity’s Album. You can listen that same music through here, to enjoy the moment. I was wearing my Leather Chaps, my Boots, my harness and not much else. As they approached the beginning of the session, I asked permission to my SIR to wear my Wolf Hood. I wanted to fully enjoy the moment and be one with my animal and spiritual self. Permitting BOSS and SIR NIKE to have me sitting down, not tied up, and make a hole in my dick head, was the maximum of Trust and Respect communication for Wolf. My wish was granted, and I wore my Hood right away. Immediately I slipped in my Wolf world, and there was no fear, no anxiety, no questions, no thoughts anymore. Only Love, Respect, Pride, Arousal. I was burning again. BOSS wore latex gloves, disinfected all instruments and rings, and prepared everything on a side, while SIR paced around me starting to get worried, as much as He tried to hide it. In my Wolf mindspace as I was, I was growling, huffing and mumbling all the time; this seemed to be worrying SIR who asked many times if I was ok and checked my heart beat more than once. I appreciated that so much. I felt safe. Boss inserted the plastic canula inside my urethral channel, took the big needle and asked if I was ready. Ian slave, meanwhile in the background, had to sit down.

I nodded.

The needle went through my flesh. BOSS didn’t push slowly, as we filmed the session and I could easily see it afterwards, but it felt like it took two seconds for that sharp thick steel needle to make its way through the tissue. I felt every micron of that needle cutting through the skin, and sliding all the way down out of it. FUCK!

I groaned and shake just a bit, as my breath became fast and then I calmed down almost immediately. I don’t know if I was completely high on endorphins (and only that, as we didn’t drink alcohol or smoke anything before or after), but it was not as painful as I thought it would have been; I would say it was not painful at all. It was extremely intense, yes, it was of course pain what I felt, but as in one of my favorite “He hurt me and it felt like a kiss”.

Putting the ring in was the trickiest part, and DAD would get more and more anxious trying to figure out how HE could help. I was not scared. I thought that BOSS knew what HE was doing, and I felt completely safe. Total trust. I was unbreakable. I was invincible. Eventually the ring went in, the operation was difficult as I have tons of thick foreskin, and my dick shrunk super tiny due to the stressful moment. When HE was done, HE asked grinning if HE should have done my nipples too. SIR NIKE leaned on and smiled that pervert smile HE does sometimes; I was totally into it, super turned on, but once again I had to remember I have men I respect, and one of those is my husband, who was also my first SIR back in the day. In his eyes I will always stay his cub, in a way, and having me in some playroom far away in that situation was a lot for him to tolerate. I could not come back with more than one hole per trip. I had to kindly ask BOSS not to put me in that situation, and both of THEM respected the request. I didn’t bleed almost at all, not one drop. We were all kind of surprised and BOSS cracked the joke

“I’m sorry about it”

We all laughed and I went to the bedroom to download the footage from BOSS’ camera. He came and shoved his dick in my mouth, releasing a big warm piss load. That made me immediately hard as a rock; I looked down in pride to see my rock hard dick and… surprise! The dick was rock hard alright, but it was also dripping with tons of blood from the head, directly on the floor. We all rushed to reduce any dirtying, and we cleaned all up. To see my new Dick raging in male power and drenched in blood with the shiny steel stuck in it, was one of the most horny and depraved visual of my life. Thank YOU SIR. Thank YOU BOSS.

That started my “only sub” public period that lasted one month, until it turned out the piercing was not done the right way as it couldn’t heal, and it had to be removed (like many other things which followed).

BOSS and SIR decided to celebrate and also enjoy the night; I was wounded and bleeding a bit, but why not. I just had to be extra careful in New Action later on that night.

The New Action

We went to eat at More restaurant, and after that we went to New Action. I have to admit I was a bit scared, I had my dick wrapped in toilet paper and garze, it bled quite a lot in the restaurant’s bathroom. How could I have served properly two Men that gave me so much that night? I was tense and afraid to mess up. We arrived when the club was not really crowded and there was a lot of room in the smoking area. We were enjoying drinks and smokes there where we found SIR JOE. I didn’t knew HIM and never saw HIM before, but my SIR greeted HIM with a lot of enthusiasm and so did BOSS. Therefor, automatically in my spirit and mind, HE was one of them. As a consequence I didn’t spend any time looking at HIS face, kept my head low, mind my own business, keep ears open and enjoyed my beer. THEY were talking THEIR talks, at some point I heard BOSS say “Lupus!”. I approached and SIR JOE wanted to see the piercing. I took out my dick but it was quite dark, so BOSS used the phone’s flashlight to lit the crotch. Immediately a bunch of people from the club rushed around me to peek at my dick. Poor people thought I had some massive Guinnes World Record’s dick there, but they got quite disappointed when they saw it was about the piercing. We laughed. The mood was good, and I went on and off a couple of times to fetch drinks; lots of drinking happening that night. I was ordered to show Respect and service to SIR JOE’s Boots, and I did it happily. SIR JOE was encouraged from SIR NIKE to beat my ass with the paddle. I was a bit worried for the fresh PA and I was very nervous to disappoint my DAD in front of whom I discovered to be nobody less than HIS ex Master. No pressure.

I was paddled hard, but not really hard; SIR JOE was wise and did not hit too hard. Hard enough to show that HE meant business, but not as hard as HE would have probably had, if I was not injured. Ian slave and Sven slave served all the night too, as there were three Masters to serve there, which means six Boots, which means not enough tongues at all. When the night was in its deep rhythm, the slaves were quite tired and cooked. I was still standing up and proud and ready. That of course was simply because of the overload of cortisol and endorphins in my body, plus the alcohol, plus some weed I managed to smoke from BOSS. I could not tell how tired I was. SIR JOE appreciated what HE saw and used, and decided to give me a very nice prize, which was for HIM to jerk off and unload on my tongue and open mouth, after I sucked HIM off. I didn’t greedily swallowed HIS load, and I shared it instead with HIS slave that was with HIM that night, in a wet sloppy kiss, while I was fingering HIS ass.

That night BOSS came to the apartment to spend the night with us. It was a long time of chatting and enjoying music together, me on the floor with the boys, occasionally sitting up, BOSS and SIR at the table. I was worried about my dick, because I couldn’t fold the foreskin back anymore, as it swell up with lymphatic fluids. I have been instructed to fuck Sven slave’s ass with my mouth wearing a mouth gag with a dildo attached to it. I had a lot of energy inside and Wolf was all out and about, but I couldn’t release during this trip. So I was full of energy and I fucked the slave’s ass hard and long. After that, BOSS stood up, took a condom and fucked me on the kitchen counter as DAD watched and wanked. The morning was going to break in soon and we had to leave the apartment that same morning. We decided to go all to bed, and I got a special, special treat. I though I would have been put in the cage, but I was instead allowed to sleep between my SIR and BOSS. Of course, I didn’t sleep one minute of it, as I was rock hard the whole time and too happy to just shut my mind down. That morning I got up to a very bloody jockstrap, and we went off for breakfast, as BOSS left for HIS home.

blood prince albert piercing PA BOSS did on my penis

Wolf’s Blood.

Eisenacher Straße

The last morning I had to stay alone in town until the evening, since my plane back to Italy would have left at 9 PM. DAD left for Bruxelles around 9 AM. With a wounded dick and a lot boiling on the inside, I left my luggage at my DAD’s hotel, and thought to myself, while listening to my favorite Artist’s song “Son of the Wolf“, let’s stroll around Schöneberg and let’s check out all the gear I cannot afford! But to my surprise not only all of the shops, but also all of the bars were closed until noon! I stood like a fool in the middle of the street listening to the total silence.

Absence of inputs.

No life forms detected.

What to do now? It was so cold I could barely stand still, and couldn’t really walk all day in those conditions. Luckily Romeo und Romeo was open, and I basically spent the morning walking in and out of the bar, smoking and ordering coffees. During the early afternoon the shops started to open, and I went to the closest one, thinking that maybe there was some cheap cockrings on sale. I always lose my cockrings, or they always get stolen.

I walk inside Boxer in Eisenacher Straße, and as I stepped in, my eyes got struck by a Big, Evil, huge man.

He was wearing riding Boots, tight skin bleached jeans on his big sculped and muscled legs, a dark green bomber jacket, and underneath a red checker flannel shirt. His arms were completely covered in tattooes, as tall as I am, but with a rugged body builder body. His handsomeness was only to be compared to the threat level I have perceived from his stare back at me.

But this is not a story about Wolves fighting against Bulls. The story of how those two animals tried to kill each other, is still to be written.

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