Preface: This is an article written by the House boy, Wolfy.

“This boy received a message from a friend last week that caused it to do a double take. He wanted to know how boys training was going, and boy said it was going very well and boy was learning a lot. He said he would “love to learn about it from” you. boy responded “sure, but its not all hot and fun I’ll warn you”.

“That’s not what I’m interested in, I’m interested in the humiliation, and pain, and degradation”.

Wow. Being a Leather boy, this subject is tough to address. I am owned by SIR WOLF. HE teaches His subs by building them up, not demeaning them and causing mental distress. He leads by example, and knows exactly what His subs experience, being an Old Guard Leather MASTER, He has been a sub Himself, and when boy finds itself facing something daunting, boy can be certain He is growing through His MASTERS experience as well as its own. So lets talk about the first part of message.


What is humiliation? That’s a tough question to answer. Is it kneeling down before another Man, and taking His cock into boys mouth? Not for this boy. Kneeling in front of its MASTER, waiting to service His cock is a very calm, serene, beautiful place; it is boys place of safety. How many people would think it disgusting to be practically drooling, getting the scent of His manhood, that scent that makes boys head spin, the taste of His cock; musky and sweet with precum; the feeling when He pushes boys head all the way down on it, filling boys throat with this Mans cock, causing boy to choose to keep His cock there rather than breathe? boy hearing the grunts and encouragement of His MASTER saying “fuck yes, good boy”? boy feeling the hot burn of His cigarette on its back as boy gives Him as much pleasure as it can and now also serving as His ashtray, and the feeling of pride giving its entire body to Him to use for his pleasure? Then that moment when boy is gifted not only with his cock, but the huge load of His MANS cum? The huge hugs boy receives after that, the LOVE shown to boy is impossibly sweet and lovely, especially coming from this MASTER, this man of Power that boy worships. No, that is heaven, not humiliation.

Is it when He invites boy to watch a movie with Him, and boy gratefully sits at His feet? No. boy loves this special time rubbing its MASTERS feet, kissing them, hearing Him feeling good from boys actions. boy getting up when told to get Him something to drink is a pleasure; a drink, a cup of tea, maybe some coffee. Then boy finds it place right at His feet again, and it wouldn’t trade places with anyone. This is where boy wants to be, NEEDS to be.

boy has jobs around the house. boy sets the table, clears the table, takes care of dishes, dusts, vacuums, sweeps the floor, takes the garbage out,and any other duties its MASTER deems necessary. boy is proud to have the house looking nice, dishes done, everything as perfect as boy can get it as this is its MASTERS castle, afterward, He may order boy to get cleaned up for Him to use boys pussy. Yes pussy. Humiliating? Not at all. It is a sex organ and is useful and pleasurable for Him to put His cock into, or His fist or anything else He wishes. And boy loves exposing its pussy for Him. After all, boy is owned by Him through boys own free will in giving itself to Him. boy was not kidnapped and thrown into His service. boy begged for the chance to serve Him, and He chose boy, one of the proudest moments of boys entire life. That doesn’t sound humiliating at all to boy. Love, respect, guidance, teaching, protection, growth, and discipline when boy needs it are vital to boy, and great gifts from its MASTER.

With all this being said, many individuals enjoy the thoughts or movies regarding humiliation. It is the basis for many a fantasy, the big powerful man coming in and forcing one to bend to His will. Perhaps it is more about giving up control, and being “forced” to do the things someone desires to do, but fearing taking action on their own to make this happen. Once of the great things in being a Leather boy is having the freedom not only to engage in the things it

fantasizes about, but the ability to own these fantasies, and incorporate them into its life without shame.

Let’s move on to pain.


Pain can be judged in many ways. Some find pain exciting, exotic; some find it cleansing; some find it just hurts. boy has experienced many types of pain in its life and until it went through some necessary rewiring by its MASTER, all it learned was, it hurts and leaves internal scars.

Through MASTERS teaching, boy has learned pain is simply an electrical response traveling through the nerves to the brain. It is an old response that makes one choose “fight or flight” quite quickly. With this practiced rewiring, this has become a carrier of meaning and intensity instead of threat or abuse, though still a very strong response. Sounds like brainwashing, right? That’s what this boy thought, but after having faith in its MASTER and choosing to find a better way of facing pain, this is real and has substance. boy willingly trusted its MASTER, and was in no way forced or coerced into anything. boy is so happy it made the right choice as it opened up a completely new set of experiences, and the pains we face day to day are so much easier to face!

boy has learned since then to find so many different things in pain. boy enjoys its MASTER making love to it with His Whips and floggers. boy has learned that this is only harmful pain if it wishes it to be that way. When getting prepared for a session with its MASTER the first time, it didn’t know what to think but it felt things through the pain. boy found that it was very cathartic, yelling and even screaming but somehow begging for more. It was if boy was getting rid of pain an hurt it had kept inside it quietly that were poisoning it slowly, but no more. It was being flushed out and so was fear. It welcomed each lash and then it realized something: this was not just standing there with some crazy guy beating boy up. It was the Man boy worships, transferring His power through this whip, and boy was taking this whip and power, and giving its power back to Him. that was the first time, but not the last. boy was so scared to be whipped with a bull whip, but the feelings and the connection it felt were beyond description. There is great learning and positive change through pain.

MASTER planned a night of Ritual for boy, with a Shaman. This was very special and boy will keep most of it private, but it wants to share the portion where boy took its MASTERS Whip.

boy stood and used its power to reach out to its MASTER with its mind. boy could feel the hum and other feelings that told it boy was ready to be connected with Him. It reached out and like a vacuum, was pulled out of its body and joined its MASTER. boy was standing before its MASTER, and was naked as it should be, with its hands behind its head to keep its hands and arms out of the way. It began. boy could see what was going on, but it felt no pain or lashes on its body. boy was clinging to its MASTER in its mind so strongly and completely it stood feeling nothing but this connection. After several minutes, boys inner beast, Skoll came out and it opened its eyes and took the pain and thrived on it, and felt the love and energy from its MASTER on its body. Shortly thereafter it was finished, and boy fell to its feet before its MASTER, thankful for the marks and blood drawn on its back and proud it could serve Him as it did. Was there pain? Yes, but it was something exquisite and good, not a feeling of being beaten down. boy felt incredibly strong afterward, so the exact opposite of what “pain” as many experience it, does. It showed boy it was strong, and it had such trust, caring, and love for its MASTER and the love for boy came through so strongly. This boy treasures pain from its MASTER, because it grows through it.


Degradation, what some feel is the very foundation of the MASTER/Dom/SIR and boy/slave/ sub.

This boy sleeps on an air mattress, ankle securely chained to its MASTERS bed. boy drinks way too much water before bed and typically has to pee all night long. After one night of disturbing everyone’s sleep, SIR took boy to the store and boy bought itself some diapers to wear to bed. This did not exactly thrill boy and it felt silly at first, but then it realized yes, it was interrupting sleep and it wasn’t fair. Now boy sleeps very well, on an air mattress, securely chained to the bed, using its diaper rathe than its MASTERS tie to rest. Yes, boy even changes itself during the night when its diaper gets filled with piss.

Speaking of piss, would people find it degrading to have a MAN stand before them, cock out, aiming it at their mouth to use them as a urinal? Probably. Does boy? No. Never. boy is happy when it can provide any service to its MASTER and being given the gift of His piss in addition says nothing about degradation. It says “boy loves and serves its MASTER”. One day boy will learn to drink very fast (MASTER’S piss stream could embarrass a horse) and be able to keep Him from even needing to get out of bed at night to piss. Just wake boy up, and piss in boys stomach. Later it would end up in boys diaper anyway. This is something very intimate and special for boy and when boy receives the gift of His piss, boy is very grateful.

boys MASTER surprised boy one day; boy loves to service His ass with its face, lips, and tongue. boy is lucky that its MASTER is secure in His position and can take pleasure from boy lovingly licking and sucking on His ass. He cut a section out of a lounge chair in the living room, and surprised boy by having it lay down underneath and having all the time it wanted as its MASTER sat down, to lick, kiss, suck, and love His hole. boy was in heaven having all that fur, musk, and beautiful hole to sniff and lick and taste. Again, to boy this is a wonderful gift, but to many it wold be considered degrading. One might say boy enjoys this because it is degrading, and that’s what people in this Lifestyle do or enjoy. boy is certain many find that reinforcing about drinking piss, and eating ass, and thats ok. For boy, it is very intimate and masculine, and another way to bring its MASTER pleasure through service. There is another point here also: boys MASTER loves His boy and does wonderful things for it because He values boy. boy is His property and He can do whatever He wishes with it or to it, but often He chooses to gift boy things He knows boy enjoys, when boy has earned them. To boy, thats not degrading, its beautiful.


boy has not responded to its friends’ desire to hear about its training and the humiliation, pain, and degradation. This boy thinks everyone can interpret anything in a way that suits them to add excitement, doom, fun, disgust etc. this boy has that same option, and in its heart, the heart of a Leather boy, serving SIR WOLF, it feels only desire, service, structure, pride and love no matter what its MASTER wants or needs. boy has felt a need most of its life, to please someone but also to be appreciated and loved. The life of a Leather boy is boys life, and it has found so much beauty and meaning. This boy is finally happy.

This boy was very fortunate. it had many failed tries at relationships and faced a great deal of pain in its heart. One day, this boy and its MASTER met, and now boy knows a different way. A way of love, compassion, honesty, trust, structure, and stability it has looked for all of its life. boys journey will never end, and it hungers for knowledge and more so the proper service of its great MASTER. boy hopes that one day it can reach out and help someone find some of these treasures both within and without itself, as boy has been taught to give this gift away, don’t keep it secret. Be proud and sure and honorable, and respect everyone; one day they may be boys brother.

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