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LeatherBigWolf is the owner and Creative Director at HausMeinGott, and is an Old Guard Leatherman, Activist and Adult Model. This short campaign has been shot, edited and deployed in a one day stream of work, on the rush and need to bring his own two cents against two big cancers in the GLBTIQ community and in our general society: roleshaming and slutshaming. Be free to be yourself, and don't take this right away from others. Love your Brothers and Sisters, be the change.


From time to time I like to sing, sometimes I record what I sing. I'm no singer, and to me it's just a way to express feelings, not differently from the reasons why I started working with visuals.


Haus Talks are a series of "talk shows" in which people revolving around the Haus talk about Fetish, Society and Culture related topics. This first one features me (Wolf) and my good friend Athion; as usual when we get to meet, it's an improvised thing, and we decided to go over our thoughts about PRIMAL FETISH. We hope to kickstart a conversation about it, as we are always happy to hear your own ideas, and the whole sense of my mission is to keep alive Leather, BDSM and Fetish Culture, especially between young people and new generations. Please visit for more info, media and fun content. Also, here are a couple useful articles that have been mentioned inside the haus talk. Sincerely, LeatherBigWolf.


A quiet afternoon in LeatherBigWolf's household. boy dirk is bootblacking Wolf, Master Daniel comes by for a kiss before bringing pup jack back to his parents. We set 4 cameras to record the thing as Wolf voiced over, after audio was lost. The idea is both to show that Bootblacking is much more than mere shoe-cleaning service, and to share Wolf's personal views over it, and both to give a minimum insight on how to take care of your Boots. Of course, this is not the only way, boy dirk is not a Bootblack, and we are just showing this family's specific activities and beliefs.

FILMS – Mr Leather Italy for MLE

Fabrizio, Mr Leather Italy 2017, brought this Boot Worship performance at the official Mr Leather Europe contest in Amsterdam. We filmed it before it was done there, in our studio. We are proud and honored, and can't wait to shoot more of these two super hot Leathermen! Proud, Out, Loud!