About Us

Haus Mein Gott is website crafted and directed by LeatherBigWolf and His Leatherfamily, and an enrollment area for likeminded people.

Who are we

Our Leatherfamily core is composed by four Leathermen. Our Old Guard Leather Club is composed by far more men.

Sir Lupus


Sir Daniel

slave argo

What do we offer to the public

We have one mission: passing on the Core Values, Protocols and Etiquettes of Old Guard Leather, and produce educational and entertainment content on the topic.

All that you’ll see on our production is 100% Real Life, no pornstars, actors or roleplaying.

We offer two main things:

Coffee Bean


No Pornstars, no actors. Real BDSM Sessions straight out of our PlayRoom, or from yours. All that you see is not staged or prepared.

Coffee Bean


In our Blog, you can find several articles, from Etiquette and Protocol, to Guides on how to take care of your Leather, to real stories.

Coffee Bean

Adult Services

Professional Photoshoots, Filming, Editing, Web Design for High Risk Businesses, Adult Digital Marketing, Escorting, Workshops and much more..

Tired of the weekend leather scene?

You’ve been cruising event after event, country after country, club after club. You’ve seen all that made sense about Leather and BDSM fade into a carnevalesque game with no Strictness, Structure or Integrity. You feel like there is a big hole in your heart and soul, no matter how much gear you buy and how many parties you go to. You feel the need of being part of something greater. You feel like you’d be so much better if only there were more like minded people around. You are looking to bring Strictness, Structure and Stability in your life.

If these statements describe you, then you might be the man we are looking for. We are building an underground, off the grid group of real Old Guard Leathermen. The time to change, is now.

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